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 Unique Story Arc

Great stories are functional. Project Desimo is an extensive tool that

is designed to help you perfect your stories, creatively & successfully.

Telling a profound story can often be confusing,  with a lot of technical terms

and mechanism to consider for effective storytelling.

Project Desimo believes in authenticity and that all stories are uniquely its own; Helping find Unique Story Arc is an important first step to effective storytelling

Although there are no concrete rules in telling a good story, there are guidelines.


While juggernaut agencies measure a large digital following as a form of success, Project Desimo prioritizes your authentic stories in every project using 3 important guidelines— Prject DesClear Intention, Empathy and Reflective Questioning— to best develop and tell your story. 


Almost automatically, with these steps, you can now start to

discover your unique Story Arc! 

A great story has purpose. With clear intention, the meaning of an idea will never get lost.


Sieving purpose to a story is invaluable; Creating intent inspires real-world impact.

1. Clear Intention

Stories are reflections of the human experience. Self-awareness and self knowledge are root of all great storytelling. 

Asking introspective questions at every step of the process helps to deepen the intent and purpose of the big story.

3. Reflective Questions

2. Empathy

Experiencing empathy is a key

measure of effective stories. The

hardest part of telling a story is to

get our audience to care.

As good as the structure might be,

stories will fail by default 

without empathy

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