(Insert race here) Conversation Workshop

SG Narrative, a social space aimed to redefine empathy through honest conversations, is holding its very first Race Conversation. In this four-part series, they reached out to people of different races in Singapore to

have a conversation about what race meant to them, what their experiences were being of a

certain race and what racial harmony meant.

As part of their media outreach, I illustrated and designed a couple of media post for

their social medias which includes both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sgnarratives/


Workshop Day

The day of the event presented many exciting opportunities- meeting our participants and learning from each other about the discriminations they've faced. It was also enlightening to hear stories of courage and

bravery to overcome their adversities.


In conclusion, we've learnt, race is a social construct.

We should all be able to pursue our best lives regardless of our race, religion and ethnic backgrounds.