Design is Storytelling; We design stories to help narrate the influence and power of technology, share stories of excellence, courage, and hope. Establish the relationship between global warming and its climate refugees, stories of great leadership and many more important depictions of the human experience.


We design stimulating stories to inspire action; to move you— our clients along with your audiences— to portray the best version of your business. We design moving stories, literally and emotionally to help

solve problems and also to help nurture new ideas, principles, and convey your business' value and reliability.

How does Storytelling influence your relationship with your clients?

How to tell your stories?

First, find your Unique Story Arc

Read more about finding your Unique Story Arc here! 

Story Arcs amplify your business's values to your audience;

Showcasing the best of you, your operations and leadership.

We understand how harrowing it can be to think about the best ways to sell your products and services to your audience and beneficiaries.  Project Desimo is dedicated to creating compelling, creative and carefully designed stories for your business. We optimize our process to give the best renders in time. How? Follow these three simple steps! 

Looking to market your business?

Let us help you!

 Your Unique Story Arc is an essential and

valuable look into your business' values and

goals. Exploring the reason behind the

decisions you make and the reason why you

exist, the problems you were to solve. This

process aims to discover your niche that will

help separate you from your competitors.

A brilliant story has a plan– it asks the right questions; what do we wish to convey, what do we want the audience to feel and learn from this experience, what's our intent. All of this, translated into mind-maps, sketches, storyboard, and style frames to explain the story's points of intensity and narrative.

There is no one perfect way to bring a story to life; You can compound them in a 2-hour long film, in an illustration on a billboard or in a 3-minute short advertisement. There is an illimitable ways to bring your stories to life.  Let's start!

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